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Welcome to Tanjant Tools

Tanjant Tools is a world leading manufacturer of Guides for Gas Torch and Plasma Torch cutting. Unique product design combined with precision engineering make these guides first choice for the professional metal worker. An extensive range of accessories enable the guides to be used for almost every cutting application.

Gas & Plasma Cutting Torch Guides

Tanjant Gas Torch and Plasma Torch Guides are manufactured in Australia and widely recognised for design and quality. Tanjant has patented its designs. We market the following range of guide products for Gas and Plasma Torches through the Tanjant Brand:

  • Plasma Torch – If you require straight lines, small circles, large circles, or other styles, we have a combination to suit your working needs. Developed over the years and tested by the metal fabrication industry, our plasma options are the preferred choice for the working professional.
  • Gas Torch – Perfect for straight lines, small circles, large circles and beveled edges, our gas options are trusted by many top manufacturers of welding equipment around the world.
  • Trakka Line – With a quick adjustment to the Trakka Holder Arm you can have any angle of cut, straight line or the exact beveled edge your job requires.

Cutting Guide Kit

We’ve spent the last 30 years developing a trusted name in the industry. But just because we have years of experience, that doesn’t mean we aren’t constantly pushing ourselves with the newest technologies and innovations that can bring better working tools to our customers.

At Tanjant, we just cutting edge precision CNC machines to help us craft the specific parts gas and plasma torch cutters require. You can get a feel for what we’ve done in the past by browsing our website, but because our best work is what we’re doing for your unique job, contact us today by calling us on +61 [0]3 9872 6222 or using our online contact form today . That way we can get a feel for your specific needs and talk more with you about how we can improve the efficiency of your work.