Trakka Guide Rail – TJ5181

Trakka 1.35m (53") Alloy Guide Rail. For use with Trakka Line Cutter

Part#: TJ5181

  • Use with precision TJ5260 Joiner for seamless track
  • Extra Magnet Base TJ5250 required per 1.2m (48″) interval

Trakka Guide Rail

Tanjant Tool Co builds the absolute world best guides for gas and plasma cutting. Devices such a Burning Guide are not designed for heavy industrial uses such as deep cutting and bevelling. For long cuts the TJ5181 Trakka Guide Rail is supplied as a 1.35m (53”) extension to the Trakka Line Cutter 1.2m (48″) plus over run carriage support. Use TJ560 Rail Joiner to connect. Use TJ5250 Base at 1.2m (4’) intervals – this means one unit for each extension as 2 bases are included with the Trakka Line Cutter package. For use on alloys see the information at TJ5280 Suction Plate. See more on this detail with the “How-to-Use” button on right side of screen or View Gallery

What Tanjant can promise is that the savings in cutting time and effort will deliver real benefits well into the future.

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