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Tanjant Tool Co (Est. 1983) manufactures guides and accessories for use with Gas and Plasma Cutting Torches. The company is located in Melbourne, Australia. Over time Tanjant has developed a global market branded for major welding industry equipment manufacturers. As a specialist manufacturer Tanjant has built a solid reputation throughout the industry for excellence in engineering and product design.

Tanjant puts considerable effort into precision manufacture, using the best grade materials. Our factory is well equipped with CNC Lathes and Mill, Injection Moulder and Laser Engraver, plus a range of purpose built machinery. Parts are gauge tested for conformity to ensure that our guides perform consistently and durably even in the harshest environments.

Explore the website to see all that we have on offer. Tanjant Guides have a proven track record. There is no doubt that these guides will deliver greatly improved cutting performance in your workshop too. Each product page has a picture gallery as well as “How-to-Use” diagrams to explain the many cutting applications possible with Tanjant Guides and Accessories.

Select GAS/PLASMA/TRAKKA then use the Torch Brand/Model List to match your torch to the correct guide(s). Scroll down the drop-down list to see your torch brand/model, scroll to model and a selection of guides to suit your torch will be displayed. Select the product choice and detailed product page will display. Use the menu to select accessories and to see more product pages.

Purchase on-line from this website. Products may also be available from listed outlets. Use “Find Distributor” on the top tool bar to locate a distributor.
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Tony Thurston
Tanjant Tool Co
Note: Tanjant is a QA Business: ISO9001:2008 Registration Certificate AU1329