Export Freight Policy for Distributor Account Customers Only

Tanjant is an experienced exporter and ships regularly to many different destinations. Our packaging is designed to protect goods in transit from handling and other hazards. Insurance for the goods being shipped is covered by our global policy.

Invoices are for Goods Ex-Works in the agreed currency. Delivery charges apply to all orders shipped from the factory, except where customer arranges freight. We can provide a freight quotation at the time of order placement.

Alternatively your nominated freight forwarder (Receiver Pays) can pick up the shipment from our shipping area at front of warehouse.

Our quotation for freight is door-to-door by best means available, usually pre-paid air shipment. However the quotation does not include inward government charges such as levies, taxes, customs duties or other miscellaneous costs incurred in inward processing.

To become a Tanjant Distributor contact us by email. Your application will be considered based on suitable experience, location and marketing plan.