Our most asked questions are listed here for your reference. Of course, if there are any other questions that you may have, please contact us via the website and we will be happy to respond.

Tanjant has the name “Roller Guide” for the “Chariot Cutting Guide”. The Tanjant “Circle Cutting Guide” is the name for “Circle Burner Cutting Attachment”. Many other countries have industry specific terms. Other languages are available by using the “Language” selection panel at the top of the home page.

Click on GAS or PLASMA to look for Guides to suit your torch. If you are looking for a straight line cutter select TRAKKA, this section relates to either type of torch. Use the Torch Brand/Model List to select your torch brand and model. Part Numbers and Pictures for the Tanjant guides or kit suited to your torch will be displayed. In some cases, as with TRAKKA, there will be a longer part number, together with a Pack Code “A-Z”. To order add to Shopping Basket or quote the Tanjant Part No with “Alpha” as displayed (example TJ5085H1A or TJ1081G). All items needed to enable correct fit for torch are included in the purchase price for that Roller or Circle Guide, or Guide Kit or Trakka Line Cutter.

Bushings are included in the assembled Circle Cutting Guide, Guide Kit or Trakka Line Cutter. Tanjant’s Roller Guides are profiled for correct fit and do not require a bushing. The Adaptor Bush list is there to help find the part number for spare parts, to fit other torches, replace worn out bushing or burn back from plate piercing. Select GAS or PLASMA or TRAKKA. Select “Adaptor Bush” from the menu, go to the Torch Brand/Model List and select your torch. The correct part number adaptor bush for your torch will be displayed. All Bushes are Laser Engraved with Part No. for easy identification and are supplied packed with fastener(s) and circlip (snap ring).

Simply add to Shopping Trolley and use PayPal to purchase. The products may also be sourced from a listed Welding Supply Distributor. Use “Find Distributor” button and follow prompts to locate.

Price is displayed for each product for purchase on this website. Currency is USD for all countries except Australia and New Zealand which have AUD shown,  (including GST for Australia only). Distributor pricing where available may vary (use “Find Distributor” for contact details). Tanjant can assure all buyers  that the savings in cutting time and effort will deliver real benefits well into the future.