Tanjant Guides and Accessories are purpose built to handle almost every workshop cutting task. Straight lines, small circles, large circles, bevelled edges – there’s a combination from Tanjant to meet the need. Take advantage of using guides that are designed for the metal fabrication industry, developed from years of practical experience. These proven guides are branded for leading international welding equipment manufacturers, as well as under the originator Tanjant trade mark. All Tanjant Guides have a 3 year full replacement warranty from date of purchase under normal use conditions.

Use the Torch Look Up List at the top of the product page to identify the correct product code for the circle or roller guide best suited to your gas torch. Just select the Brand and then the Model from the drop down lists (scroll on mobile). The result line will display the Part No. for the guide to suit your particular torch. Click on the highlighted number and a product page will be displayed including the details on the torch, for confirmation on choice.

Click on the How-to-Use Button to see detailed drawings and explanations on the best ways to use each guide for different cutting tasks. View Gallery to see images of Tanjant Guides in action.

A growing network of regional distributors provides local sourcing for these unique global products. Use the Find Distributor function to search by country and location (nearest city/town) to find a Tanjant distributor in your area. If further help is needed please fill out the enquiry form.