Plasma Cutting Guide

Tanjant Plasma Torch Guides are purpose built to handle almost every workshop cutting task. Straight lines, small circles, large circles, bevelled edges – there’s a combination of Tanjant Guides and Accessories to suit. Take advantage of using guides that are designed for the metal fabrication industry, developed from years of practical experience. These guides are the preferred choice and are branded for many leading welding equipment manufacturers, globally. All Tanjant Plasma Torch Guides have a 3 year full replacement warranty on metal parts from date of purchase under normal use conditions. Plasma Bushes and Plasma Roller Guide bodies are made from Glass Reinforced Nylon 66 (GRN). This material is very stable, very strong, is not readily flammable and has high temperature resistance (more than 250 degrees Celsius). However GRN parts are excluded from warranty for burn-back experienced with plate piercing as operator usage may contribute to damage. All GRN Parts are Laser engraved with part number to make spare parts identification easy.

Plasma Torch Guide

Choice of Guides

  • Roller Guide (also known as Chariot Guide)
  • Circle Guide (also known as Circle Burner Attachment)
  • Plasma Guide Kit
  • Trakka Line Cutter

Product Page

View the product page by selecting PLASMA from the picture panel on Home Page.

The menu displays a list of Tanjant Plasma Guides and Accessories, starting with the Roller Guide. Select from the menu to bring up the product page. This page features a “How-to-Use” button for detail diagrams and a Picture Gallery to view. At the top of the page is a Torch Look-Up List. Scroll through the drop-down menu to select a torch make and model that describes your plasma torch. The result bar will display the Tanjant Part No that best suits your torch. Click on the highlighted Part No. to view the specific product, including Torch description. The Torch selection process does not apply to accessories.

Trakka Line Cutter is a stand-alone product, specifically designed for straight line and bevelling tasks. To view this product select TRAKKA from the picture panel and follow the same procedure.

How to Purchase

Use the “Find Distributor” or “Buy Online” buttons to find your nearest supplier, link to a web-shop or find price information. Tanjant invests considerable effort in keeping cost down and delivering real value for money to the end-user. However freight and other variables are out of our control and actual prices will be determined by the welding supply distributor, local or web-based. What Tanjant Tools can promise is that the savings in cutting time and effort will deliver real benefits well into the future.