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Tanjant Tools is a world-leading manufacturer of Guides for Gas Torch and Plasma Torch cutting. Torch cutting guides may also be called Chariot Cutting Guide, Torch Buggy, Circle Burner or Circle Burning Attachments in some countries. Tanjant’s unique product design combined with precision engineering make these guides first choice for the professional metal worker. An extensive range of accessories enable the guides to be used for almost every cutting application.

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Product Benefits

Using Tanjant Guides with Gas or Plasma cutting torches allows fast, accurate cutting with a consistent clean cut surface. Tanjant Cutting Guides maintain a constant tip height and position, allowing the operator to focus on optimum cutting speed. Tanjant’s unique design twin bar frame allows full circle cutting from one position by rotating the frame around the circle path with no stop/start as happens with other types of guides. Plasma cutting guides improve torch tip life with a small clearance height to prevent damage from dragging on work surface. Wire guides and stand-offs simply don’t work well for any length of time.

Gas & Plasma Torch Cutting Guides

These guides comprise a Brass Body (for oxy fuel gas cutting) or GRN Body (for plasma cutting) and a pair of wheels. Height adjustment allows the body to be set at the right working height and to be tilted to compensate for kerf angle. The wheels have stainless steel axles and hub guard to prevent wheels jamming.

Plasma roller guides are supplied with a knurled finger screw to prevent damage to the plasma torch from over-tightening.

Both types of Roller Guides have a specific internal profile matched to the torch. No Adaptor Bushing is required, however some models may include a small sleeve to allow the guide to be used with two sizes of torch from the same manufacturer.

Tanjant Circle Cutting Guides feature a unique twin-bar frame that allows the guide components to change position for supported cutting on inside or outside diameters. The Adaptor Bush rotates in the guides body so that a full circle can be cut without stopping, in one continuous motion, moving the guide frame around 360 degrees from start position. Offset Pin is included in the Circle Guide pack to enable minimum hole size. The actual diameter will depend on the size of the torch head. Also included in the Circle Guide pack is the Extension Bar which allows up to 700mm (28”) diameter cut. Some models may have a small sleeve fitted to the Adaptor Bush to cater for two different size torches from the same manufacturer.

The Tanjant Guide Kit includes both the Roller Guide and the Circle Cutting Guide plus a number of Accessories. Included in the Gas Guide Kit are the Gas Adaptor Bushes, Bevel Attachment, Stabilizer Attachment, Long Radius Bar, Link Nut and Magnetic Pivot. The Plasma Guide Kit includes both guides plus the Plasma Adaptor Bush, plus Long Radius Bar, Link Nut, Magnetic Pivot and Suction Pivot (for use on non-ferrous material, alloy or stainless steel). The maximum cut circle using the long radius bar is 1050mm (41”). Guide Kits come in a durable plastic box with a full instruction booklet.

The Trakka Line Cutter is purpose designed for rapid straight line and bevel cutting applications. The trolley and rail configures for gas or plasma cutting, see more information on the Trakka product page. May also be known as Magnetic torch guide or straight line burner.  New (August 2018) shipper pack includes 2 rails 800mm long and precision alloy joiner. Cuts up to 1.5m (5′) standard and rails can be added for longer runs. Serious performer for the fabricator workshop.

Use the contact form (Contact) for answers on any query you may have or email direct to sales@tanjant.com. There is a lot more specific detail on each product page for Tanjant Guides or Accessories.

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